Dress Code

Dress Code :
Students are expected to dress in a clean, covered and respectful manner.     

Following are guidelines for student dress at Wheat Ridge High School:
1. The following is a list of clothing guidelines:
a. Shirts, blouses or tops must reach the top of the pants’ line, without being stretched, when a student is standing up straight.  If a top is worn over another shirt that exposes the midriff area, the top must be buttoned or zipped at all times.  NO Trench Coats.
b. NO UNDER GARMENTS MAY BE SHOWING, including sheer (see-through) clothing and boxers (NO SAGGING).
c. Shirts cut lower than the armpits (both front and back) or shirts with one or no straps are not allowed.  Straps must cover all undergarments as stated in 1b. 
d. Skirts or shorts must be an appropriate length.  Any violation will be determined by administration.
e. Shoes must be worn at all times in compliance to state health regulations.
f. No pajamas or slippers except for school-sanctioned events (e.g. spirit week).
g. Clothing that displays reference to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other controlled substances is prohibited.  Clothing displaying profanity, offensive slogans/designs, sexual 
innuendo, emulation of gang affiliation or slogans deemed detrimental to the learning environment are prohibited. 

2. Sunglasses and hats (e.g. baseball caps, visors, stocking caps, hoodies with hood up, head/sweatbands and bandannas) may not be worn at any time except for school-sanctioned events (e.g. spirit week).  
However caps are appropriate at after school events in the        
gymnasium.  Hats taken by any WRHS staff member may be retrieved at the end of the year, unless prior arrangements have been made.

3. Any accessories such as chains, spikes or jewelry that could be detrimental to the safety of others are not permitted within WRHS in compliance with state and federal regulations. 


Any WRHS staff  member who sees a student in violation of the dress code may send that student to the office to see an Administrator.  The Administrator will provide clothing for the student before returning to class or the student will be required to stay in the office until appropriate clothing is brought from home.  The Administrator will document the occurrence.  For students who show habitual disregard of the dress code, Administrators will contact parents and suspension may occur.

Students must be properly clothed before returning to class and remain properly clothed for the remainder of the day.  

Whenever there is a disagreement about appearance, admission to class may be delayed until the issue is satisfactorily resolved with the WRHS Administration.  Missed classes due to dress code issues will be unexcused.

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